He___goes to school__breakfast.怎么翻译:他有时不吃早饭就上学去了?

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He___goes to school__breakfast.

he sometimes goes to school without breakfast.

He___goes to school__breakfast.怎么翻译:他有时不吃早饭就上学去了? My mother likes driving to school.同义句My mother likes_to school_ _ _. Jenny goes to school_(aerly)than any other student in her class. My friend is _at school_划线提问 一个简单的句型转换[英语]She didn't take an umbrella and hurried off to school.(改为同义句)She hurried off to school_[两个空]_an umbrella. that worker has a chicken _every morning .填介词填介词put it _,please.don't take it_.the girl _her mother and father is Amercian.we go to school_ _seven. There are many after-school_(active)in our school.We are_(active)in them. You work hard _in school_ (对画线部分提问) ____ ____ you work hard? Zhang hua is _a Grade 8 student in No.1 Middle School_(画线提问) 英语:he oftem plays football _after school_.(提问——) He always stayed after school_(straighten) chairs and mop the floor.适当形式填空 They need lots of teachers in their school.同义句 Their school_ _ _ _ _ teachersThey need lots of teachers in their school.同义句Their school_ _ _ _ _ teachers I wonder how long ago this school_ A.has begun BI wonder how long ago this school_A.has begunB.beginsC.BeganD.had begun ___Shelly have violin lessons on Friday?No,But she and her best friend___a computer club on Fiday.____Sally's hobby dancing?no.she can't____at all.Bruce___the exam again.And he___easily these.He___staying at home.He___goes out.We won't go out for a p 用所给词正确形式填空The girl is very good at ____(play) the wiolin.What__they often______(do)on Saturdays?_______your parents____(read) newspapers every day?Mike____want_____(do)any sports ,so he is very unhealth.What time_____the school_ To: to to